Friday, 26 August 2011

Is fake hair becoming too much for men??

I lifted this off a hilarious thread on FB so the original (male)poster shall remain anon.

"I normally keep my mouth shut on subjects like this BUT I gotta say this:
Ladies, sorry but some of the hair extensions,weave-ons,add-ons,clip-ons,paste-ons,plaster-ons,whatever-ons, are plain mind-boggling ridiculous and out of this world!!"

Although he was referring primarily to fake hair that -THAT GOT ME THINKING.....
We all know what women go through for the sake of their hair. Many of us have been through the mill and had every kind of perm/relaxer/extensions/weaves/clip-ons etc etc. Did we do it for our sakes or for the men around us? Was it really b'cos our texture was unmanageable, or b'cos were ignorant of proper grooming methods. Or was it brainwashing pure and simple?
Many of us went natural bc the whole hair drama had become slavery & bondage and we started to question WHY? We escaped and even though mainstream society frowned on us, we began the difficult task of swimming upstream...often alone. We discovered that natural can be beautiful and that there are several ways to style your natural hair quickly easily and beautifully.
So men-if any men read this blog, how do you feel about the whole fake hair saga? Do you even care? As long as the woman looks good? Or are you concerned? Ladies, ask the guys in your life, husbands, sons cousins and put their comments here. I'd like your thoughts and input. Personally, I'm completely biased - in favour of natural hair. But I'm not interested in bashing non naturals or users of weaves ext etc. I know we women like to change up the style every now and this isn't a bashing excercise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ofo

No1 son (18)
perfereably not, but sometimes it can enhance a womans look if done nicely and not a multicoloured madness, simple is better. I dont mind it.

No1 Son (14) weave I dont like it! nope!(edited version!)

No1 Son (12) I also do not like weave!!!

In general, Men I know, 90% disliked weave.


anthia-ofo said...

OK. But does that mean they prefer natural or relaxed is ok so long as you're not be-weaved?? Very enlighten sons you've got eh

Anonymous said...

I hate the cheap lace front wigs, here in TX the wig comes down to there eyebrows & it seems like they have a massive amount of hair on their head. I am not a fan of fake hair but I feel like if yur going to wear it make it look believeable don't just put it on your head just because it's in fashion, evaluate yourself truthfully!this is Euphoria for some reason I am having trouble poting to peoples blogs

Thandi said...

LOL! When I was teaching the youth at our church about chemicals in hair, a brother brought this fake hair thing up.He complained about how young laides get into the taxi and are flipping their heads around and he was unimpressed because it's not even their hair yet they act like they're so proud of it.Here, men are (from what I've heard from them)just not into the whole fake hair thing.

anthia-ofo said...

^^ITA The men aren't convinced. And yet there seems no shortage of men who want their ladies with long flowing hair come hell or high water.

OT-Thandi, are you aware some virus got on your blog. I'm hoping you can sort it out soon bc I had to delete your link.

Gerrylocs said...

this is a layered issue...sometimes even afro can look over the top depending how it is combed, dyed, etc. My take is...whether one has natural hair or not, the general look will depend on the personality of the wearer.

My rule of thumb, if it looks like you can't sleep with it, then its probably "fake" looking whether its natural, cornrowed, weaved..or whatever!

anthia-ofo said...

I like that-'if it looks like you can't sleep with it...' some hairstyles are too much!