Wednesday, 23 February 2011

preparing to travel to Ghana

We are going to Ghana in a few days for 3 weeks. Before I go any further, I want to give glory to God. He gave me me and my 5 kids the tickets. Last May/June we talked about going to see my ageing parents. Especially bc my mum has been ill and I really wanted her to see my kids again. I got in real earnest about this and we held hands and asked our father in heaven. Towards the end of this year, things looked pretty grim with DH getting ill and no income. He needed round the clock care. I couldn't even see how I could go even if the money was there. God re-assured me that we were on track for Ghana and not to look at my circumstances. We got through christmas by faith. I would gather the kids together every now and again to thank him for his goodness and for our trip(even though there was nothing to show that we were going!) infact DH tried to reason with me to give up this wild idea of taking them all with me cos it's 1000s of £££...but I had heard from God and that was good enough for me. NOTE: The financial situation was, even if I was going on my own - which I do every year - it was going to be a stretch. Taking 5 was def beyond natural ability for the present. We were into January and time was running out. I had to plan the trip around their GCSE exams and there was only a certain window in which we could go. We began to plan for the trip anyway, buying what was needed to go. SUDDENLY, our tickets came! It happened so very naturally that you can miss the fact that it was actually supernatural. They came via DH's uncle. He paid for the lot - just for me. We began to thank the Lord for spending money. A large sum of money was given me from a totally unexpected source and God says there's still some more to come before we leave.
I'm sharing all this to say:
Mark 11:22-24 '...when you pray believe that you recieve it and you shall have it..'
Let's stretch our faith to believe in a God who is full of loving kindness and tender mercies. This was not a life and death matter. He did it just so I can be happy. He knew how much it meant to me. If he took care of this, will he not also take care of all other situations that I have laid at his feet?


Nai said...

OFO!!! I can testify to the exact same blessing! And the answer came thru yesterday!!! Just biding my time now for the right flights. BUT GOD reaaallly made a way where there was (in my mind) absolutely NO way! The last paragraph is speaking to me specifically. BLESS you all and i know you will have a safe and happy trip.
P.S Sending this privately :)

Nai said...

Heyyy Ofo!

ok then ... go ahead ;)
Yes VERY coconutty!
I use Vatika too, My hair is very responsive to some things and it likes Vatika, maybe its the balance of oils it has been mixed with.
Oh ... PRAY for me re product junking ... confessions about to break about my antics yesterday .... PRAY for me LOOOL!!! You made me laugh today. Hope you have a safe trip xxx

anthia-ofo said...

Thx. I think it really helps readers when they see miracles do happen(not just me)but others too if they'll trust him! isn't God good?
Oh no! what's she like? What have you been up to? Testing products for us right?

Nai said...

umm , err, umm, yeah ... testing! LOL!!!

Truthfully, Yes I have actually! Will blog results asap.

oh and ... HOLLAND and BARRETT, (12 quid!) pure coconut oil. Not keen on such a strong scent tho, but my hair loves it! ENJOY x ;))

anthia-ofo said...

Hey Nai, I got me some virgin coconut oil from Ghana. Primarily for cooking, but it's going on my hair too!