Tuesday, 8 February 2011

BLISS! Odour free locs....and braiding/banding again.

braiding and banding before shampooing to keep my locs from slipping.

I did another intensive wash today. This time I put 1 tsp baking soda in my aubrey organics Green tea clarifying shampoo. I diluted with water and dunked my locs in it, squeezing the mixture through my locs in a bowl. The water was pretty murky. Then I did a second wash with BIG from LUSH. Which brings me to this shampoo BIG. It's a clarifying shampoo and these are some of the ingredients: coarse sea salt, sodium laureth sulphate,orgarnic lemon infusion,sea water,seaweed infusion, organic lime juice,extra virgin coconut oil,neroli oil,mandarin oil,vanilla absolute,orange flower absolute. You can see why I overlooked the sls in it cos the rest of the ingredients and the SMELL are simply divine. My solution to negate sls effects is to dilute dilute dilute! The thing with this shampoo is, you need very little. It lathers very well and leaves your locs SUPERCLEAN! I'm not kidding. The smell lingers for ages. If you need a clarifying, try BIG from lush. Oh, I poured some diluted listerine on my scalp and waited 5 min before 1st wash.

Believe it or not, I've gone back to braiding and banding. I don't know if my texture has changed yet again and my hair is slipping, or my hair is growing super fast. I've had so much growth and loose hairs to tighten so there you have it.


Nai said...

Hi Ofo,
I am totally grinning right now! You have plagiarized my shampoo! Love it!
I confess though, I am interested in 'testing' a few others ... However, BIG is definitely my forever shampoo.

anthia-ofo said...

You know what they say about imitating someone being the best compliment....or words to that effect LOL. Go on, get the pj out of your system. This assignement will help - You do the testing and report back. I'll sift through the info, then we can decide which shampoos to buy.Hehehe. But Big is...well...erm...BIG!!!

Meikmeika said...

Everytime I visit Lush I eye that shampoo...guess I need to give it a try. Maybe it'll help even more with my dry scalp.

Thanks for the tip & your locs look beautiful.