Sunday, 1 November 2009

Update on waitrose organic clarifying shampoo

I used this yesterday and here is the verdict:
It's mildly clarifying ie does not strip your hair, but cleans it with very little suds.
(which is not suprising considering it contains neither sls nor it's close relatives,but if you want suds, then this is not for you.
The reason the majority of shampoos use sls is because it's a cheap foamer and a very strong detergent used to degrease car engines. It does not have a nice track record, but I won't go into that today).
The smell is ok - just a bit of peppermint.
The downside is - I had to use a lot of it. I did dilute it as always, but the amount I used before I felt I was getting somewhere means it's not as economical as I thought.
However, this is a loc friendly shampoo, so if you ran out of sisterlocks starter shampoo, dreadhead HQ, or whatever shampoo you use, this will be a good substitute.


marina said...

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Nubian1 said...

Going back to a post you made way back regarding mixing the black soap to use as a shampoo.....well my sis sent some the other day one with avacado fragrance and the aloe vera....along with distinfectant would you believe!!!

Anyway i used the avacodo one neat on my hair and was pleasantly surprised how it made my hair feel sooooooo soft! I was impressed.

anthia-ofo said...

Ooh avocado black soap, that must be so nice. I intend to make some soap including a shampoo bar with eos and black soap... so watch this space!

EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Hey I was searching the topic splitting locks and it came to your site. Have you heard anything about splitting the lock by using a razor? I am thinking about doing that because I have alot of fat locks but I am not sure if I should.

anthia-ofo said...

D'You mean using a razor to split it sideways like a hotdog? My advice is, don't try it. Locs form by hair strands coiling criss-cross over each other and you'll sever those strands and cut right through the loc.