Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DRAMA: I nearly came a cropper

cropper - 1. to take a tumble

2. Disastrous failure

Ok. So I had hopped into a nice warm bath, when I realised I needed to wash my hair. Usually, I plan carefully before washing my hair, which means, I have everything assembled in one place (I don't keep all my shampoos soaps acv etc in the bathroom, in case someone decides to use my last bit of black soap or shampoo when I need it.) My scalp was really itchy so I thought I'd just do one wash, for now. Since I didn't want to come out of the bath I just reached for Mary's AUSSIE MIRACLE MOIST shampoo. Normally, I'll read the list of ingredients before the stuff hits my head, but seeing I didn't have my glasses in the bath I couldn't read them. I hesitated at this point cos I got the 'IS THIS WISE?' warning inside. But faulty reasoning prevailed over gut instinct and I thought just one wash will be ok. Thankfully I diluted the shampoo like 1:6. As soon as I poured it over my head, I knew it was a mistake. My hair felt super smooth and silky. Feeling a little panicky I began to rinse it out immediately, when something went wrong with the shower and the water slowed down to a trickle. At this point it became a matter for prayer as I called on God to forgive me for ignoring his gentle warning and help me rinse this stuff off my head! Time seemed to stop .... and several seconds ticked by before the flow resumed and I rinsed my locs as best I could. I rinsed several more times with diluted ACV. Later I inspected my locs. Some had slipped, a few had some bunching. I was just grateful it wasn't worse. Hopefully anyone reading this who wants to try some moisturising shampoo will wait until their locs are fully mature. (I mean, I'm a couple of months shy of 2yrs and I didn't think one diluted wash would hurt.) A lot depends on your hair texture - mine's coily, but really soft and fine, still not fully locked in several places.

But, in every cloud there's a silver lining right? Good. Cos my friend came over to drop some stuff whilst I was still reeling from my experience, my hair still damp. She gave me a hug, my hair brushed her face. Straightaway, she wanted to know what shampoo I'd used b'cos my hair was soft and smelled great. So I told her, and she's off to Wilkos to get the 2 for 5 quid bargain. And today, I did notice my locs were really bouncy, fluffy and soft. You mature heads - 5yrs+ might give this a go, just don't blame me if it goes wrong. I def recommend it for anyone who wants to take their locs down or wants to glide a comb through their loose hair

But as for me, I will not be going near it again.
DISCLAIMER: I think Aussie Miracle Moist does exactly what it says it'll do for hair that's DRY/DAMAGED, so this is not to give it a bad name. Infact, it's very GOOD, just so long as you're not trying to lock your hair.
And to think I was advising N'JOI to wait until her locs were settled before trying anything...Oh well, I've forgiven myself and my locs are still here.

That reminds me. I had one of those loc dreams the other night. My sis offered to do my hair and she put this white cream in it and covered it. Someone came to the door and she went to answer it. When she got back, she uncovered my hair and Suddenly I realised the cream had undone ALL my locs and left my hair semi-straight. I started to cry and asked her to get something and shave it cos I was going to have to start over. Thank God it was just a dream LOL.


N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Ok OK Ok LORD I HEAR you!!!!!!! I didnt need a real life example of what could happen! loooool!That was like a comedy Ofo! I will confess as the shampoo is actually on its way here! I ordered online! BUT I was gonna save it for FUTURE use! I promise! x x

Nubian1 said...

My goodness Ofo! I had a similar dream last week, in that somehow or the other all my locks where taken down. I remember the way I felt which was sad and concerned that i would have to start over again!!!! The funny thing was that my hair was about a quarter of the length it is now and it was jet black!!!!

Was soooooo releaved when I woke and realised it was only a dream.

anthia-ofo said...

Njoi put it right out of your sight when it arrives. Avoid temtptation. If your right arm cases you to sin... U catch my drift? Yeah I've learned my lesson.
Nubian, I think just about every locker has had THE DREAM. It's probably cos we feel (subconciously) fiercely protective of our locs LOL

Thandi said...

I LOVE THE WAY YOU TELL YOUR STORIES!Sorry, it's funny-only because of how you told it.Glad the damage wasn't too extensive.