Monday, 9 November 2009

my sls at 22+ mths and Arashia's twist locs at 2yrs 9mths

I was really chuffed when someone stopped me at costco to ask 'are those dreads?' I was like 'yeah'. He goes'man, babe, they're lovely..and so tiny'(me -babe, nearly 5o yrs hahaha) so I go'they're sisterlocks' and he's like 'what?' I repeat 'sisterlocks'. So I explain the process and tell him they are micro dreads done using a tool in a pattern. His eyes are popping and he says 'whatever it is, They are really beautiful'. And I came home grinning from ear to ear.

So I thought I'll take some photos as I hadn't been feeling my locs lately, but this guy made my day and made me know my locs are alright, even with my greys peeking through.

And Arashia's locs have grown so much. As you know they were started with twists and we are slowly splitting some. They are 2 yrs 9mths old.


N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Hey Ofo, whoo hoo! Yaaaay for sisterlocks! and btw your locks are not just 'alright' but LOVELY!!! Is'nt it great when God uses people to give us the 3 dimensional perspective as opposed to our one dimensional limited view!! ;-)

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks Njoi. I know. Sometimes we beat ourselves up allowing negative thoughts in, but now I'm on the up and up and making my daily confession
'I'm quick, sharp, bright,beautiful and a major blessing!'cos that's what the bk says and - you know what I mean...and thank God for sisterlocks!

Felicia said...

It's not necessary, but it's nice when someone notices!!!

Nubian1 said...

Well i dont know what's happening but the world seems to be spinning sooo fast! 22months eh?? They look thicker, would that be because doubled some locks up? Congratulations BABE...he he he

A's locks are just spiralling out of control....she did have a bit of length to begin with right??

Ofo am going to send you a email shortly about something that's simple driving me to distraction!

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

AYYYYY MEN to that statement. Like you said in your LIU email last week, this is a God's Guidance thing and never before have i felt so wholly content with myself. Oddly enough a close friend sent me a link to the Good hair movie ... he mentioned something about some 'tantra Prayers being said over the human hair used in weaves .... hmmmm ...! Praise God for deliverance ... seriously!

anthia-ofo said...

Yes nubian, I've joined about 15 locs.Arashia started with about 7in of hair - and I've responded to your email.
Njoi, we're so on the same page! This is why we should give thanks over products before use. Do you have the link to the movie? I only saw a clip. It all sounds so creepy, I used to use a little human hair for repairs on locs etc, but now I'll be using kanekelon fibre. it's close enough to human hair texture.