Thursday, 22 October 2009

Retightening... and I've stopped tryng to hurry it.

I've completed the front half of my head. You will notice I never get right down to the scalp - I leave a little wriggle room. (My hairline has improved so much. Friends, never give up on lost hair, it can grow back. )It probably took 6 hrs of doing 3 section in 2hr periods whilst watching a film or browsing the net. I part my hair in 3-4 sections. Then sub -divide the front half into 3 sections. Starting from the sides, I retighten row by row. It just seem easier to take a very laid back approach. I'll probably start on the back this week end and follow the same plan. That way my arms don't get tired and I don't make mistakes like joining locs etc. I found 2 very thick locs that I will split. I really don't know why I've sometimes felt I must race against time. In spite of my giving out the advice to 'take your time and don't rush it' I've notice during this reti that my scalp feels so tender. I've had to be ever so gentle not to cause pain.
Another point - because the nape of my neck comes loose so often, I've take to frequently retightening that area. So between my last reti and now I've tightened the nape 2x. I think I will do the same with my hairline to keep it strong and away from fraying shredding or breaking. If you have very slender locs, it's wise to get your retights regularly and closer apart than sommeone with thicker locs. If you leave it too long you can thin out the root and cause the loc to break IMO. Fortunately, apart from 1 loc I haven't lost any, but I'm quite vigilant and will combine a loc if I feel it's dangerously thin. But keeping on top of reti- s can solve that problem.


msfullroller said...

You have made me feel so much better with this post! I'm having the same problem with my nape and the locs at my temples and have been contemplating whether it was OK to retighten them at a more frequent rate than the rest of my head. Your reasoning on the size of the loc determining the frequency is why I try my best to go no more than 5 weeks between re-ti's.

I think the "need" to rush is just residual from societal fast paced life style. I've found myself doing it as well but really there is no need to rush.

Your locs are looking beautiful and thanks so much for sharing!

Felicia said...

I do not understand why if we are DIYers that we feel that we must hurry and complete our hair in the same amount of time as the consultants do it. Do you re-ti with the NL tool or the SL tool? As your locks have grown longer, do you find it more difficult to retighten? My locks are only 8 months old, so I was curious. Thank you for sharing!!

Thandi said...

There you go again!!Changing it up.You know, you'll neve rbe boring so don't feel the need to keep us guessing LOL!And if it ever looks horrible,I'll let you know HA HA.Your hair's looking good.Let's hope the back won't tire you out too much.

anthia-ofo said...

LOL Thandi, I changed up b'cos I was dreading the thought of sitting down for hrs to do my hair, so I've kept putting it off. The strange thing is I realsied I enjoy doing it when there's no pressure. And I was pressuring myself (unconsciously) trying to beat my last session time and I thought 'this is crazy- just do a small section at a time and don't think about when you'll be done'.And thanks for the compliment.
@Felicia I use a yarn needle which is very similar to the NL tool.I cant say I've noticed much difference with the length of my locs. Maybe it's cos they're still just medium length.
Msfullroller, the smaller the loc, the more frequent retights should be, else you run the risk breaking a loc from the shredding and fraying that sometimes occurs with some hair types.Retights helps incooperate all the loose hairs into the loc to maintain a strong base. The only way I've kept my nape intact is to retight frequently cos the finer hair there means it still slips a lot.