Sunday, 5 July 2009

homeschool persecution by homeschoolers!!

As some of you know, I home- educate my children and am part of a large homeschooling community. Recently there's been a review by the govt more or less smearing homeschooling based on totally unfounded accusations and recommending unprecedented powers for officials, including barging into homes to interview kids on their own without a parent present! Understandably H-Edders are up in arms about it- doing the usual stuff, writing to MPs pettioning, lobbying, organising protests etc. In conversation with some parents I revealed the fact that I was praying and was asked to put a prayer on the forum we share, so others could join in. I did. WOAH!That's when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! Although I wasn't in violation of forum rules, I was shamefully attacked by some. The moderator was mercilessly harrased b'cos of it and asked me if she could delete the prayer. I agreed, since my intention was not to create strife or cause offence, but rather get any/all who wanted to join in praying the opportunity to do so. Whilst this fuss and ruckuss was carrying on, I've had email after email of people declaring their support and agreement. I was overwhelmed. Even non-christians supported me.
It's been a pretty rough ride, b'cos even someone I considered a friend did some back stabbing. As Mary said'mummy it mst have been some powerful prayer cos the devil sure doesn't like it'. However today at church I was really refreshed and encouraged by God. I went up for prayer and a lady came to pray for me. It turns out that she home-ed'ed her own children, knew all about the review causing concern and understood my situation completely. She gave me a word from was refreshing. Thank you Lord for noticing me and being with me in trouble.


Nubian1 said...

It would appear people are afraid of what they do not understand. Am guessing situations like this will only make you stronger! Keep up the good work my friend.

Thandi said...

Wanna share that prayer with me? It's so scary what's happening.I read a headline saying that we have our own'Fritzl' in SA and my first thought was "This will make them want to control our homeschooling, want to take away our power as parents and decision makers." Lord keep you all under his wings!We need it.

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks ladies.
Thandi, I'll send you the prayer if I can find it. The moderator deleted the entire thread, bc folks were literally tearing their hair out!

Anonymous said...

Please send me this prayer that caused some much stirring in the kingdom of darkness. I love your blog. I wish I met your before i got my hair locked 3months ago.

God bless