Sunday, 4 January 2009

More pictures

A few more pics of my sls at 11 mths. I've realised my sls are generally thicker than a lot I've seen. This is due to the fact that I got standard sls with mostly medium, some large (I think) and smalls around my edges and the top of my head. I don't think I have any micros and this accounts for me having less than 400 locs. Now that I'm gearing up to ReTi myself, I've realised 380 is a LOT of Locs!

This is a braidout.



Naturally Sophia said...

Nice pics! I had never heard of that shampoo. It seems like their are so many more product options than there was just 2 years ago. I like your thickness and fullness of the locks. Yes 300 + is alot of locs. Sometimes I wish I didn't have such tiny locks especially after spending days retightening.

Happy New Year!

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks. I'm glad I found this shampoo. It really makes a difference to my scalp and hair. The trouble is, my husband has decided to use it too! Are you DIY-ing? I like your tiny locs, they look so pretty. But I've realised they're not for me. Especially when it comes to ReTi.

cheleski said...

ooooo nice pics for the holidays! lovely, lovely locs, they have really swelled! wow! remind me of the bls without the phat tips that drove you nutso,lol!

anthia-ofo said...

Yes chele, they do remind me of my bls. A little smaller and no phat tips as you say. I'm really pleased they're not too skinny

Thandi said...

I just love the fullness.Beautiful.