Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yes it's a man doing ma sisterlocks!!

Well, in a previous post I hinted that I was wanting someone to help sort out my locs(especially the front hairline). So I found George, the ONLY male consultant in the UK and distributor of all things SLs. He is located in Hemel hempstead which is 15 min away from me(how cool is that?). He installed his wife's locs and is meticulous about his work. (It must be great that your consultant is also your husband haha). I prob scared him with my DIY efforts, and overgrown locs but he took it like a man LOL.
So ladies, if you are in this part of the world, there's a consultant at your doorstep. He is listed on the SL website: George Graham
Tel:0788 6488 035
George and his wife are very pleasant and really made me feel at home. His wife even fed and watered me with some lovely tropical smoothie concoction- freshly made. So there you have it.
Not to say I have abandoned DIY. But I will check in every few months to be pampered. To be honest, I shd have done this sooner bc it's been very hectic putting my sons through GCSEs and I barely had time to do my hair. I would DIY but was constantly distracted with one thing or another. Things have eased up now so I can safely carry on...once George is finished in my head I always say never say never.
This was our 1st session(which included some repair work). IT WAS RAINING CATS AND DOGS OUTSIDE!!


Nai said...

Hey Ofo!
Sounds good to me, as i am sure you know, I alternate retights and as it is birthday week i defo planned that Liz would do it! roll on wednesday (big fat grin). Hope you are well x

Cheleski Kickin' The knotty Truth said...

Cool! I long to find someone I trust in my head so I can just pamper myself, sigh

anthia-ofo said...

Nai is it your birthday?

Chele hope the right person appears to pamper you once in a while lol

Nubian1 said...

Well well well, right on my door step!

anthia-ofo said...

Yes Nubian, I know!!

Nai said...

Hey Hun, yep soon, July 30th birthday number 43 ... giving thanks and praise! ;)).

Oh you just reminded me ... need to call george for some prods :))))

anthia-ofo said...

Get away! You don't even look 30. Happy birthday in advance lol!
What products?!? Don't you have enough? We gotta keep an eye on you,Hahaha just joking. I might buy the salon shampoo off him George - was so touched bc I said you blogged about him. Let's all give him as much exposure as we can. He's a lovely chap.