Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sesame soup

This is my 1st attempt at making Sesame soup. A dish from northern Ghana. It's similar to the Groundnut soup( I have the recipe on my blog). Traditionally the sesame seeds would be roasted and pounded into a paste, the soup is accompanied by millet balls - This dish is called Tuo Zaafe or T-Zed. I found this recipe on betumiblog.blogspot.com, she suggested substituting Tahini. The tahini I used says lightly roasted creamed sesame seeds and I used chicken. I ate my soup with 'Omo Tuo' rice balls. If you're interested in African cuisine especially Ghanaian, head over to her blog for some very interesting Food. I'm Ghanaian and yet I'm learning a lot from her.

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Kittylocks said...

I am hungry just reading sbout this.