Thursday, 7 April 2011

New find! STRICTLY ROOTS products.

Look what I found during my trip to Ghana. Strictly Roots. A Product line developed in Canada, produced in Ghana. They have shampoos conditioner etc, but I bought the scalp Stimulator and Moisturiser from Ama SL practitioner. Her locs are gorgeous and if this is what's making it look that way....I didn't hesitate.

Scalp Stimulator ingredients: Grade A shea butter, Allanblackia Foribunda,coconut oil,vegetable glycerine,kombo butter,vit E,Peppermint EO, Patchouli EO.

Moisturiser ingredients: Grade A shea butter,Allanblackia Floribunda,coconut oil, veg glycerine,kombo butter,vit E,orange, mandarine and/or tangerine EO.

I love the moisturiser. It's very light and smells wonderful. I dissolved a little and put it in my spritz. I also rub a little in my hand and apply to damp hair.

Did I tell you I found some VIRGIN coconut oil? I brought back as much as I could carry LOL. Some store bought, some from Kaneshie market. At the moment it not only goes in my spritz, It's my oil of choice for cooking cos it's one of if not the healthiest oil to cook with. I fried some yam in it and...yummy! It was coconut flavored yam and it disappeared in seconds.


paula said...

hi Anthia,
i'm tempted by the moisturizer, would you be selling some?

MzTeequal said...

Very cool! How much was it (the Strictly Roots)? And where could I find the products?

Queen said...

Hi there! This will be the last week of my blog, I plan to delete it soon. If you want to visit/link me, here is the new blog:

anthia-ofo said...

Paula, I've considered selling it. I'm thinking about how to get it from ghana to the uk. I think they're available only there at the moment.