Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kakum National Park -Capecoast.

We visited kakum national park on our recent trip to Ghana. It's deep in the rainforest and habours all sorts of wild animals like elephants,hyenas ,birds,monkeys,gorillas,etc. There are 7 suspended bridges/canopies, each deeper than the one before, 12 storeys high. You get a birdseye view of the forest. It truly is a walk of faith. You must believe that the narrow swinging rope bridge will hold your weight. It's like stepping into thin air. Drinking Fresh coconut from the trees near the forest. This Forest is only about 20km from the coast. The nearest coastal city is called Capecoast. That's cocoa fruit straight from the forest, and raw honey. We bought some. The cocoa is juicy and sweet. The seeds are dried and cocoa butter/powder extracted from them.
On the steps that leads to the canopies. It's a very steep climb.
On the canopy with my 4 kids and my brother.
My daughter on the canopies with a school party behind her. There was 1 guide in front of our party and 1 behind. This pic gives you an idea of the length of the bridges. They are suspended between huge trees several storey high. They swing as you walk on them. You have rope on the sides to hang onto!! Below is nothing but rainforest with loads of birds/forest creatures/insects/ crickets all singing their tunes. Many of the creatures live in the trees and never touch the forest floor. There was a tropical storm after our walk. The heat was oppressive and the rain burst through and came down like sheets! The storm was confined to the park.

This park is 20 km away from my high school(which is a boarding school). Infact, the road leading to it passes right in front of my old school.


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