Friday, 19 November 2010

Look what I found!

I was looking in bondlink when I saw the Africa's best herbal oil. I scanned the ingredients and decided to buy it as it wasn't expensive. Upon closer srutiny, the oil contains VERY good stuff. Look at the ingredients list: soybean oil,walnut seed oil,kiwi fruit extract,olive oil castor oil,sweet almond oil, vit e,safflower oil,calendula extract,yarrow extract,cucumber extract,carageen extract,ginseng extract,sage extract, comfrey extract,aloe extract and fragrance.
It says a blend of penetrating oils for bath body hair and scalp. I'm not a fan of SOY, but I'm making an exeption bc it's the carrier oil in this blend. My husband uses this on his skin, but I just rub it in my hair after washing it. I'm sure it'll make a good hot oil treatment.

And I went to the Ghanaian shop in Hatfield. I found this WEST INDIAN CASTOR oil. You know how I feel about castor oil. It's good for every occasion. Plus there are raves about Jamaican castor oil so it wasn't too expensive.... I bought it. It's going in my spritzes. Folks, I've been getting more and more requests for my home-made coconut spritz. People swear it's making their locs not only soft, supple and moisturised but getting super growth too. My daughter and I use it everyday and I can honestly say it accounts for me avoiding loc breakage and has helped dem locs grow like weeds. I will do a post on the product, prior to it going on sale to the natural hair community. Actually, anyone can use it...but more on that later.


Anonymous said...

NOW you're talking!! Get those spritzes on the market!!
People are missing out by you not making them available to buy!
I've spent all my adult life buying various hair, body and beauty products and I've rarely been as enamoured of a product, as I am of your spritz. The painful part is I even prefer yours to mine, and I thought mine were pretty great!

anthia-ofo said...

Yes, thanks for the kick-in-the-pants hahaha! You're right though. I'm getting my skates on. No more excuses. Dovi even called me with a request so I'm making his tommorow.

Thandi said...

Oh no.Is there a way you can send it to Scotland before the 13th of next month?My brother in law is going to Zim and he'll be passing through Johannesburg,much closer than the UK...And how much would it be?

anthia-ofo said...

Actually I can send it to scotland if you want. Contact me on

Bajan Lily said...

Go Anthia Go!