Friday, 12 November 2010

Civil Ceremony 12th Nov 2010

I just had to show de back of de dress lol !!! But Ara's dress was a DREAM.

Paul and I

The boys

The happy couple

Let the photos do the speaking. Today was the day my daughter got married in a simple civil ceremony. It was decided that they should have a civil ceremony followed by a church wedding in Jan. It went well and we had a lovely meal at the K2 in Hemel with it's tropical garden. God's sorted out the venue (for the wedding) and given us access to a picturesque church and Hall. We discovered it costs half as much if you have a church renewal/confirmation of vows as opposed to having the official bit in the church. It also solves the problem of having to live in the parish or attend the particular church for at least 6 months. You don't need to live in the parish or even belong to the church to do it! So Ara and Suru made the right choice in going with a civil first. It saved them a whopping £300 or more. I doubt people are aware of this. Folks jump through hoops trying to get married in a particular church. Well if they just did a civil, they can pretty much have their blessing in any church. They just change the wording of the vows slightly to reflect the fact that you're already married, and you are reaffirming your vows to each other. Everything else remains the same and it's a great deal cheaper.


Denise said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her husband! They are beautiful couple. Also, I like the back of the dress - a hint of sexiness.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you. It looks like it was fab and I can't wait for the next one!

anthia-ofo said...

Thx Denise.
Seiwa you know you got post in the next one!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!

Nubian1 said...

Nah wah ooh Ofo.... a mother in law.


anthia-ofo said...

Thank you ladies.

robinc said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her husband. Everyone looks so beautiful and happy!