Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Update on Protein treatment

Thandi, in answer to your question, the protein treatment IMO has really helped my hair. It feels stronger and it left it soft& sheeny. I did condition with a moisturising condish afterwards. Hair needs the right balance between protein and moisture. Too much protein will leave it hard and brittle, while over conditioning will leave it limp , lifeless mushy. Personally I think our hair type is rarely over-conditioned. Still, striking the right balance between protein and moisture can be tricky. As a rule, too many protein treatments will lead to hard hair, At the same time you need them to strengthen your hair. So I suggest 1xmth at the most ,and always follow with a moisturising conditioner to be on the safe side. This of course, is a generalization and may vary from person to person. Adding a *moisturising*conditioner+humectants like honey,oils like jojoba,coconut& olive oils will help prevent "overproteinizing" your hair and don't forget finishing off with an ACV rinse!

Having said all the above, eggs, vinegar and oil are all great at helping retain moisture, provide volume and hydration. Each ingredient can be used alone but obviously a combination (as found in mayonnaise) increases the condish properties. The protein in the egg fill in the gaps and nicks in the hair shaft when it's dry or damaged, giving a fuller sheenier appearance promoting strong strands and growth.


Thandi said...

Hmm.I told myself "Thandi,when you reach 2 years, you should treat your hair more, add conditioner etc." And when I did, I forgot all about it!! Now to do some research, find ways to do it without the SL shampoo and other ingredients that I don't have. Thank you so much for replying,you've energised me!

Nubian1 said...

Interesting post my sista!

anthia-ofo said...

You 're welcome Thandi...and you don't need SL reconstructor to do this. If you have egg, oil, and vinegar, or mayonaise, you can do it. Some encourage making the mayo yourself and using that. Just remember to use cool water to shampoo afterwards so you dont get scrambled eggs in your locs!

Anonymous said...

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anthia-ofo said...

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