Thursday, 22 July 2010

Protein treatment

I did a protein treatment after i read about the benefits. I followed dewdrops instructions. I added a little jojoba oil, 1 tbs aubrey's honeysuckle condish, 1 tbs sisterlock reconstructor to the mayo and egg. Mixed it all and put it on my roots.
I put on shower cap and left it on for 3hrs. Then washed it with cold water.(I'm not sure about this treatment in winter). I made sure to use a moisturising shampoo -organix coconut and aubrey organics honeysuckle shampoo, both for the lovely coconutty&honecuckle fragrance and moisture. Followed by aubrey organics honeysuckle condish, (my ends only), then rinse rinse rinse with cool water tempered with some cider vinegar to cut the hardness in our UK water. I am pleased with the results. This is worth doing on a monthly basis. Also it's good for my scalp!


about Seiwa Cunningham & redallover said...

Okay Ofo, be honest. What are you actually putting in your hair? It seems to be growing by the second. Whatever it is, can I have some please?

anthia-ofo said...

LOL Seiwa, I'm convinced i've reached that mythical 2+yr stage when the length starts to show! I thought it was mere talk, but it appears to be true. I took (Hair )vitamins most of last year, but this year it's on &off with omega 3, codliver oil, B complex nothing consistent really.

Thandi said...

Ms Ofo, you didn't share what exactly the benefits are! Soft? Shiny? And I so agree with the above comment, it's growing, LOL

anthia-ofo said...

Thandi,the benefits are, stronger roots,conditioning, sheen and moisture. I did it primarily to strengthen my roots. Ideally this shd not be more than 1xmth unless the hair requies it for some reason. I'm adding a little update to explain.