Tuesday, 16 March 2010

loc integeration piece from endless creations

Here's more about the loc piece I mentioned in an earlier post. I did not blog about it before b'cos I wasn't wearing it and I wanted to show pics with it in my hair.
These are pics of my locs with the loc integration hair piece in. This hair piece is made by Gerry of endless creations. They are called gerrylocs.It incorporates your own locs through the piece,without sewing, gluing or any foriegn substance. I got it in order to add fullness to my hair- although I don't wear it all the time, there are times when I just want the fullness, and this allows me to wear my hair all back or parted in the middle. The difference in colour isn't as obvious as it looks in the pics. I know many natural heads act like they going to have chickens if you so much as mention fake hair, but this is the real world and real women have real hair issues. So don't judge others,just be thankful you don't have to deal with hair loss, patches or thinned out hair. I'm glad someone is addressing these issues and giving women who never thought they could wear locs the opportunity to do so, without embarrassment or having to cover up all the time.
So if you could benefit from a loc integration piece, head on over to endless creations, and see what's available. From loc repairs, to extensions, integration pieces,enhancements, additions etc all made to order to suit the individual. And don't worry, it isn't human hair. It's very high quality hair that actually locs alongside your own hair.


Mile High Sisterlocks said...

Wow Ofo - I didn't have a clue that something like this existed for loc wearers. You wear it very well. I think that as natural hair wearers we have to respect others decision to wear or enhance their hair/locs to the extent which that individual is comfortable and confident. We must do what we deem necessary to meet our individual, personal and unique needs. For me it's about freedom and being comfortable in my own skin. I applaud you for continuing to expand your options and for sharing those options with us. Thanks!!! BLESSINGS!!!

Nubian1 said...

Welcome back my sister! You've been missed.
Your parents look lovely....may we all grow old gracefully!!

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks mile high Sls.I really wanted to blog about it bc so many sistahs feel their options are limited due to their hair issues. They don't think it's possible for them to lock their hair. I spend so much time encouraging women to go ahead and lock up, even if their hair is thin/bare cos there are ways to camoflage bald patches etc. For some it's a temporary measure until their own hair recovers, for others, the freedom to wear locs, like everybody else. I was on the phone with a lady who desperately wants to lock, but hesitant cos of hairloss. Now she can do it without fear of embarrassment.
Nubian1,my sista how are you?! We need to catch up soon.