Saturday, 1 August 2009

another way to save a loc-wrap it in hair!

afro kinky

*ignore the str8 weave on the package*

some strands

begin braiding

Loose hair(left)-loc(right)

I was about to wrap a combined loc with afro kinky human hair, when I realised I should really do a post on it. I combined 2 locs by interlocking the roots, leaving a 2 header. 1 loc was on it's last legs and both had thinned out dangerously. It still looked quite thin between the middle and the roots so I decided to 'fill' it in. So, this is another way to strengthen a loc that's weakened in the middle or somewhere along the shaft of your loc. As long as the roots of the loc is healthy, you can take a small piece of afro kinky (human hair) and wrap it(like you would thread wrap) either the whole length of the loc or focus on the weak spot. (Don't make it as thick as the peice of hair in the photo, I made it thicker, so it'd be clear in the photo.)Make sure you wrap a little below and above the weak area to secure it. Begin by 3 strand braiding the hair - with the loc in the middle. After 2 or 3 turns, begin the wrapping motion. You can end by 3 stand braiding/2st twisting or even make a small knot at the end.

Note: Do this only if the roots are healthy and if the thinning is happening somewhere other than/away from the roots. Just another option to save a loc for the DIY-ers.

If you ever saved some of your own hair from when it was loose, you can use that....I wished I'd kept some of mine.

finished loc

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Bajan Lily said...

oooh I like this VERY much! Gonna save it just in case I need it in the future.