Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I've given up shampoo.

Folks, I've decided to give up shampoo. I really don't think they work well for me. Yes they clean and all that, but my hair becomes excessively dry so quickly. Anyway I was doing some research and rediscovered that shampoo contains many undesirables. Infact I already knew this and blogged about it on my website http://locsdiary.piczo.com/afrohair!?cr=2&linkvar=000044. Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl laureth sulphate or their close cousins. They are very drying to the hair and can even damage hair follicles. Castille soaps are an alternative, but they must be well diluted and they can leave a thin residue.When I got sls I had to use non moisturising/clarifying shampoos and they can do a number on your hair. I occasionally use black soap which is fairly good. But I'll be avoiding soap and shampoo for a season. So I will use baking soda and water or soap wort(herb) if I can lay my hands on it, followed by diluted acv. Soap wort is a natural herb which lathers and cleans. I want to see how my hair behaves without shampoo or soap. I'll return to black soap bc it works so well. I know I should update with some pics of my hair, so I'll make that a priority for my next post. Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted on my non shampoo/soap routine.


Anonymous said...

After using the Sisterlock and Aveda Detox shampoos I was horrified...I have extremely dry scalp and they were wrecking havoc on it. I now use Dr Bronnner's castille (extremely diluted)soap & ACV rinses.

You can also check out your Local Health Food Store. There are alot of vegan shampoos that don't have sodium lauryl laureth sulphate or harsh chemicals.

anthia-ofo said...

Yeah, dr bronners are good, but I had a residue problem. I found a shampoo called NATRADERM.The base is saponified coconut oil,and it contains Aloe,almond,apricot, A&E oils. I washed my hair yesterday and it feels fairly moisturised. Hopfully it'll last.

cheleski said...

yep, black soap is IT for me. congrats! we dont need that store bought stuff...almost everything i use on my hair is from a health food/grocery store now! go figure!