Wednesday, 2 July 2008

3rd Re-tightening and dreadhead hq

I was retightened yesterday 1/7/08 by Angela, after 8wks. It took about 3hrs. It seems to be average. I asked about sls shampoo and was amazed to hear that she hadn't recieved her starter kits (shampoo etc) for her clients after months. Someone needs to get their act together. Fortunately, I don't rely on the sls shampoo. I use dreadhead hq shampoo. It's very effective. I also made a water based spritz (I hope to sell this alongside my coconut spritz), in which I mixed a little paul mitchell awapuhi moisture mist. Finally, my dry, thirsty locs have been quenched. My locs feel soft and moisturised.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Anthia;
I took the ext. braids pic on my blog 4 months ago. Yes I still have them, and I did two "Re-Tightenings" with them! Instead of loose hair growing, I have my freshly retightened braidlocks growing. As stated on my blog, I did NOT take my braids down, I braided the ext. while My "Own" hair is STILL Braided. :)
My "Braid" IS the Third Strand of the three strand ext. braid.
This OCT. will be 1 year with my new locks. {I added ext. back in FEB. though}

I might not be online in AUG. so
Take Care~

anthia-ofo said...

I see. It's a good way to get the look you want while growing your locs. I'll check from time to time on your blog for updates.