Sunday, 13 July 2008

For the Fine hair/thinner haired sistas

Does your hair have less volume than you would like? If you have locs and you want more volume, try braiding damp hair, let it dry and remove the braids for a 'braid-out'. If you are pressed for time, spritz your hair lightly with water or whatever you normally use, hold your locs up in 2 ponytails, one at the very top of your head, one at the back. Let it it dry and take it out. This is what I did when my locs looked thin. Your locs will have volume! You can probably do this with just one ponytail (on top of your head) but if your locs are shorter it's better to do 2. Locs have given my hair more body. Even my bradelocz,(when I had them) looked pretty good. But with sls I'm on my way to greater volume/thickness and hopefully, length.


Amba said...

Great tip. :)

euphoria said...

That's a good idea I will try that cause my locks are thin in the crown area. Also flex rods will give your curls volume to

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks - I will try this because it has been almost 4 months and my 'locs' still feel thin and straggly! I miss the fullness of two strand twists!!