Friday, 22 March 2013

Little by way of maintenance

Natural disney baby shampoo from the £shop. If you like moisture, get it. It's only £1.00.

I have to admit I don't fuss much with my hair anymore. It's even lucky if it gets washed every 2 weeks...more like 1x3-4weeks. I use whatever I get especially if it doesnt contain SLS. I condition on occasion..just the ends. ACV rinse. Henna dye 1x3months or when it's looking tired. I might rub in coconut almond sesame or olive oil if and when I remember but usually after I've washed it. My bare spots are gradually filling in. And I'm thankful to God for everything.I found an all Natural Disney baby shampoo in the £shop. It's moisturising and SLS free so I got it. I meant to stock up on it but hey life got in the way. Well I'm off to Ghana in 2 days ...for 3 weeks. See ya when I get back.

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