Sunday, 23 October 2011

Product find!

Naked Rescue sweet almond&sunflower intensive care shampoo-the line contains no sulphates,parabens or petrochemicals from Boots.
V05 Herbal escapes strengthening conditioner(anti-oxidant rich pomegranate&grapeseed extract). From the pound shop. No silicones to coat your locs. Lovely fragrance. Will be good for co-washing

Alberto Balsam(limited edition) Mandarin with papaya-pro vitamin B5. Silicone-free. Delicious fragrance. From Boots or the pound shop. The shampoo is equally lovely and I was so tempted, but it contains SLS and I always try to avoid that ingredient. I haven't used any of them yet. I came across them and they were so cheap I got them. It's just to let my UK readers know what's available. I will use them next wash.


Lynneedee said...

Hi Ofo!

Many thanks for the product finds - I like the sound of the naked rescue shampoo - gonna give it a try next time I wash my locs!

Lyn x

anthia-ofo said...

Hi Lyn,hope you're keeping well. I will try naked rescue this week too.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Looks like some great products, but being a newbie again, I must refrain myslef, lol.

anthia-ofo said...

V, 3 yrs on, I'm still careful. I had to stay away from some moisturising products. The condish is for ocassional use-well diluted!