Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A few loc shots

Liz - side view

That's Anne in her new locs, spitting image of her mum in the picture behind.

Liz. Anne's sister. She has sisterlocks

I never knew my locs were this long until I saw this photo
I thought they were looking rough, but perhaps I'm being too hard on myself. Maybe a little colour will liven things up a bit.

These were all taken at my friend Anne's 50th. She chopped off her 5 yr old locs and started a new set and the growth is amazing.


Thandi said...

How long ago did Ms Anne re-start her locs? Did she have the same type as she has now? Ooh, your growth is amazing too you know!!

Nubian1 said...

Your locks have really dropped girl friend.

I have decided not to colour anymore and to be honest when i see people with short hair...i kinda want that too!

Then there is the bald patch issues which i blame solely on colouring time after time. At first it was as smooth as a baby's bottom and then the hair started to grow and at 1 point i even added a harvested lock to it. Then a week or so after colouring i lost the dame thing again!!!
So i will post my thought on the issue when am feeling it.

Take care my sistah!!

anthia-ofo said...

Anne restarted just a few months ago. She's locking by single twisting.
Yes I'm see-ing a lot of growth. My 'thin' areas are coming along too - thank God. I'm using this T444Z which I will review on the blog soon.
Nubian, I'll be getting a semi-permanent colour which gradually washes out, but it's a lot gentler than permanent colour. Also I go months in between colour. Watch out for my email!!1

QueenLi said...

I am sooo sorry to get back at your question so late! You asked me in Aug. 2009 on my blog about ext. braids as a way to avoid hair shrinkage.
Well, it is not. My hair that was inside the ext. is NOT locked. It still has to lock, and that means go through the fuzzy/shrinking stage.
It is only about 3 inches at the bottom. Not a problem so far for me. I am happy my hair is at the length I can pull it all back... fuzzy and all.

Take Care~