Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Flat loc tool! and the Nativity production.

This is a new tool created by a SLS consultant. It's called the flat loc tool. It's flexible/bendy plastic and enables you to get very close to the scalp. It's also useful for tightening very short locs. The best thing is the price which came to about £5.00 even with the crazy USA postage. It'll be a lot cheaper in the USA. I haven't tightened my whole head yet using this tool, I just tried it on a few. The only problem I found was it snagged a little more than my ole yarn needle. But that might have been b'cos I had so much new growth.

I haven't reTi for a while and my new growth is waiting to be tamed. I've been involved in a nativity production on a rather grand scale. It all started when my dear friends Marie&Robert who own spring meadow farm (with over 15 acres of beautiful woodland, huge pine trees, valley underground water) started talking about putting on this production. They have a nativity every year on a very small scale, but Marie was talking about using the whole of the 15 acre grounds - an ambitious idea. As she described it I suddenly began to see it in my minds eye and got pretty excited about it. There were many obstacles and at one point they called it off. But the vision was in my heart and I couldn't let it go and we took it to God in prayer. And that's how the show got on the road. He provided all the help, from builders to technical people to the meal afterwards, even the entertainment! In the end my kids and I all acted in it. Arashia not only sang/ acted angel Gabriel's part, but designed and made the costumes for the entire production. ( all this in the space of about 1 1/2 weeks).They built the stable with the full works, Elizabeth's house, Mary&Joseph's house, the magnificent temple (with golden altar and curtains) with Simeon and Anna in full costume. It was quite spectacular, with flaming torches, braziers, open fires, lanterns and real donkey ( which Mary rode, with Joseph leading it),all of us in costume with a professional narrator. We also spent hours recording the 'songs of the angels' which was later played in the trees. We worked with a real director, a professional actor, a composer, a voice trainer, and I can tell you we were whipped into shape! Now I know I can both act and sing! I acted both Elizabeth as well as being an angel. Mary was... Mary. My sons were shepherds. it was a very exhausting, but exceedingly rewarding experience. I wish I had pics, but I was acting so couldn't take any. I was relying on a guy to video it on my vid camera but he didn't turn up. Marie probably took a few, but they've gone off to Spain... taking my son Christian with them to give him a lovely pre-christmas holiday, all expenses paid. Isn't God good? Christian ended the athletic season on a high note... but I'll blog about that later.


N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Oh so THATs what you have been up to :O). Missed your blogs too! Wow I can only Imagine how brill that must have been! The children must have loved that! well done you! Shame about that, no pics i mean, would have been great to see. where did you get the tool? I lost the email details of the lady who made them ... do you still have the info?

Bajan Lily said...

I wondered where you'd gotten to!
By the way - that new tool looks a lot like yarn needle (well, given that I had cut it down etc too). Cool.

ps my son's called Christian too!

anthia-ofo said...

Thanks Njoi, the whole idea was just a seed. As we stepped out in faith, it began to take on huge proportions. Well people were ministered to and we all enjoyed ourselves.
This is the link to the ladies' pg:

anthia-ofo said...

Bajan, I'm still here Lol.
Yes I see what you mean about the similarity. I'll take a pic of it next to the yarn needle to show the diference in the size of the head.
nubian1 is sending me a yarn needle cut down to size and sharpened.

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Thanks Ofo. glad your back! ;)