Wednesday, 18 August 2010

OIL treatment for alopecia and hairloss

We were discussing cinnamon oil for hairloss on nappturality. I did a search and found this Oil blend which must be GENTLY rubbed in the scalp 1xday. Pay attention to bald areas, but rub throughout the scalp.
3 drops rosemary
4 drops geranium
4 drops lavender
1 drop frankincense
4 drops cypress
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops juniper
Take 1 drop ONLY,massage before bed. Dispense 1 drop on a fingertip and rub fingertips together to spread it and massage in everyday without skipping even 1 day! Pay special attn to bald areas, but rub throughout the scalp. This is the only eo blend used neat so be on the lookout for any skin irritation and cease immediately if this occurs.

I do not have all the EOs so I modifiy my blend, by substituting cypress with peppermint, juniper with thyme, geranium with orange. I also added 4 drops vit E oil as I was hesitant to use neat. My intention is to acquire the missing oils and follow this to the letter. But y'all know how expensive EOs are.
I know someone on NP is mixing cinnamon oil with Jamaican black castor oil and starting to see results, so it's worth a try.
Massage is good for the scalp. Also, you can grab handfuls of hair and gently tug after you massage to stimulate growth.


Bajan Lily said...

Hmmmm.. you know this type of post would catch my eye *smile*

I'm a bit shocked that they're not using any carrier oils, so I can see why you'd add the vitamin E oil :) I think I would also add castor oil since I know that this oil seems to encourage growth when applied to the scalp.

I think I'll have to look into the benefits of some of those e.o.s before I try it - as I've heard cinnamon can be super potent (and therefore best avoided by the pregnant) - so I'd like to find out about anything like that.

Have people been having results with this? How many days did they do this for? 1 week? 1 month?

Thanks for posting this - I really appreciate this (as my condition continues to worsen... one of my nieces asked if I have cancer - it's becoming THAT bad).

ps if I were to tug a handful of my hair - even gently - the lot would come out. THAT'S how bad things are right now :(

anthia-ofo said...

Oh Bajan better not tug the hair then! The lady has been using hers for several weeks. Yes they stress this is the ONLY blend they use neat but warn folks to be on the lookout for irritation which is why I just added my vit e oil. The cinnamon stings and Yes it is quite potent. I sincerely hope your condition turns around soon. It must be your hormones& immune system gone haywire. Adding JBCO has to be good, I've heard so many positive things about it. Are you still in sunnier climates? Can you get it where you are? If so bring me back a bottle will you? Don't go hunting for it though, I'm sure I can get it online. Never forget this...God is faithful. He'll bring you through sis.

Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks said...

Very interesting. Thanks for posting this recipe! I always see your posts on Lockitup :-)

Kittylocks said...

This is really useful information. I now cant use Eos without major breakouts even when diluted, I would love to be able to use this thanks sgain Kittylocks

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