Friday, 3 October 2014

My very own leave-in conditioner

After months of not bothering about using leave-in conditioner, I'm back to making my own. I bought Jamaican Mango&lime Cactus leave in conditioner. I was shocked to find they're not even pretending.Not a drop of anything decent...maybe the glycerin. But that's it!! It hasn't a drop of mango, lime or cactus and it's choc full of mineral oil. What a joke!
Colourful label, but it's a complete lie. Also Mineral oil and locs DO NOT MIX! It will cause serious issues down the line. Then I remembered an old favourite, Knotty boy dreadlock conditioning spray. It contains very good natural stuff, does an excellent job and the coconut scent smells good enough to eat. How can bronis(white folks) make a good natural leave-in for dreadlocks and the bibinis(black folk) throw some junk together and call it a leave-in for dreadlocks. Really!!Anyway, I know some bibinis are making some good stuff for our natural hair out there...Which brings me to why I decided to make my own.

I had been asked by friends and family for my spritz who claim there's no spritz like my spritz lol. So I finally got round to making it.
There it is- no label, plain and simple, but crammed full of 7 hair friendly natural oils, aloe vera,and 4 hair strengthening and conditioning essential oils. Natural is always best.


KnottyAuthor said...

Yeh, JML is not a good product line for locks. Full of bad stuff for locks, always causing build up all over the net, not sure why they don't reformulate. I love the smell of this stuff-but dry it left flaky residue on my loose hair. I stick with herbal teas for conditioning. I just don't trust any of them.

anthia-ofo said...

ITA Chele. There's no excuse for selling this stuff! Eventually there'll be enough bad experiences for mass avoidance of the brand.