Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gerryloc piece intergrated into sisterlocks

Side view. The greyish locs are Gerry locs.

Fills in the top. More coverage, more fullness

Back view. Remember, the greyish locs are Gerry locs


Euphoria, this is what the gerryloc piece intergrated with my locs look like. If you look closely, you see the difference in loc sizes and colour. The grey ones are all gerrylocs. It works quite well.


JUST Euphoria said...

thanks so much for posting, I have been leaving emails & phone msg but the owner has yet to return my calls If I don't hear from her by july I will be going to Philly

anthia-ofo said...

It's quite hard to get hold of her. I also heard she'd been very ill so I'm hoping she's ok now. let me know how you get on.

Gerrylocs said...

Anthia, I love your hair, it looks very nice with the hair piece on...the 'grey' even looks like the natural discoloring of locs

@Euphoria, I also struggled sometimes getting hold of Gerry (and I was going to travel there all the way from South Africa) but try her on email rather than leaving a voicemail at the salon, that worked better for me. All the best :-)